इलेक्ट्रो होमियोपैथिक चिकित्सा पद्धति के अविष्कार महात्मा काउंट सिजर मैटी को उनकी 209 वीं जयन्ती पर शत शत नमन

Founder Of Electro Homeopathy
“Dr. Count Cesare Mattei (1809 – 1896)”

“Every disease originates in a change either of the Blood or the Lymph both at the same time and disease can be cured through vegetable kingdom since they form a major part of human food.”

Mattei borrowed from Paracelsus the process of preparing the vegetable substances by means of a more or less complicated mode of fermentation called cohobation, and also the final combination of the number ingredients to form a complex medicinal unity. He also affirm believer in Hahnemann’s homeopathy, Law of similar and made his remedies which and named it electrohomeopathy.

Mattei had kept the formulation secret until the age of 78 and he gave all his work to his son in Law Mario in1887. Mattei could provide us with only an outline of what he want to convey complete or find however he tried his best to state all he had to say in the simplest possible way, but could not complete and find what he had to state.

Life History

Electrohomeopathy is also a part of Alternative System of medicine having complete medical treatment discovered by a famous Italian scientist. Dr. Count Cesare Mattei in 1865. Count Mattei, the founder of Electro-homoeopathy, was born on 11 January, 1809 at Bologna City in Italy. Count Mattei was an Italian noble, who died on 4th Sept., 1896 at the magnificent castle of La Rochetta.

Early in life he was a politician and was elected to a seat in the roman Parliament. He afterwards devoted himself to medicine and tried to discover remedies which could cure the incurable diseases. He searched for cures in the vegetable kingdom and succeeded in curing some of the worst forms of Scrofulcus complaints by means of the active principles of a certain plant Encouraged by his success, he proceeded with his experiments, discovered many other medicines and formulated the principles of new method of healing. Through the favour Pope Pius IX, he obtained the privilege of treating thousands of patients with these new remedies in harmony with the new method at the Hospital of St Theresa (Rome). The cures which resulted were very numerous. An account of them was published by Professor Pascucci, M.D. of Bologna University. Other medical men, such as Dr. Ackaworth, Dr. Garth Wilkinson, Dr. Kenney, Dr. Lutze, in Germany, tested the medicines and were astonished at the effects produced. The fame of these remedies has spread, until today. There are large numbers of medical men and others who regularly used them. Mattei has a keen interest in medical science being his favourite subject. Dr. Mattei was much influenced by Paracelsus.

Mattei saw some drawbacks in Dr. Hahmemann’s Homeopathy and other recognised medical systems, so he had lot of ideas to do something, but in the real sense, the credit for the discovery of the new leading science goes to the inspiration of his pet dog. Mattei knew that our food consisted of vegetable kingdom mostly. He thought disease can also be cured by this kingdom only. He started his work on finding the details about vegetable kingdom and at what stage they are good for medicinal purpose and how to extract the medicinal properties. Also, what combination of plants will eradicate disease?

At last he was successful in his work and could extract the medicinal properties of 90 plants and he prepared 38 medicines according to need. He used the medicines in the human body on the basis of the “Law of polarity”. He also demonstrated that the two vital fluids, the blood and the lymph, will lead to disease if any changes take place in them. Mattei then formulated the principles of “Electro-Homeopathy” It is an independent and a separate medical system and has no relation whatsoever with other recognised system viz. Allopathy, Ayurveda, and Unani & Homoeopathy. Its pharmacopoeia is totally different.

The Principle of Electro-homoeopathy holds that the body is a complex structure and only complex diseases for the complex disease, will prove worthy. There are different organs introducing the main unit of each in a cell And Each Cells joins to form tissues in the form of organs which invoke. Several organs unite together to ach is a cell. Each cell human body. So it is a complex process. Therefore the disease will be with complex that is treatment should also be complex. The Principle of this medical science are, symptoms. COMPLEXA-COMPLEXIS-CURANTURE” which means complex disease is cured through complex medicines. The aim of the principle being that our body is a complex built up. So only complex will prove worthy.

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